The 30 Filthiest Tourist Attractions on the Planet !

It is surprising what people will do to be part of a tradition when it comes to kissing a tomb or adding bubble gum to a wall when they are at a tourist attraction. I guess they feel like they are adding their 5 cents worth to history, perpetuating a myth, receiving a blessing, or perhaps just give in to superstition.

The following infographic by Helpling is both amusing and fascinating.
During my travels I have been to some of these attractions and, of course, I have experienced many a dirty metro system, but as yet I haven’t relented to peer pressure and kissed a stone that millions of others have kissed. My parents recently visited Germany an added a padlock to Frankfurt’s Love Lock Bridge. Other that my concern that the bridge might collapse under all the weight, this seems a lot hygienic and something I’d be more likely to do.
All this does make you think that bringing along some antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer on your trips might be a good idea!


This Infographic is presented in association with Helpling.

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    Most of these cities are rich, I just can’t believe that these are the 30 filthiest tourist t attractions on the planet.

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