5 reasons for doing a surf camp in northern Spain.

Learning a new skill is fun.

People think they’re going to like sitting on a beach for two weeks but after a few hours each day, they often find themselves looking for something else to do. A surfing camp holiday combines physical activity with learning a skill. Since surfing is well-known as a great stress-reliever, you’re setting yourself up with a skill that you can use to help you relax in the future. A surf camp will challenge you both physically and mentally.

Active holidays are the best kind.

There’s nothing worse than coming home from vacation, trying to fit into your slim fit work clothes, and realizing you’ve packed on the pounds while away. It’s easy not to notice this until you’ve gotten home if you’re spent your holiday in comfortable shorts and tank tops. By taking an active holiday, you can indulge in the local treats without the same impact on your waistline. It feels good to feel hungry at the end of a workout, so you’ll really enjoy your food!

An active holiday can also help dissuade you from drinking too much, since you can’t just stay in bed all day to sleep off your hangover!

A surf camp in Spain gives you a vacation at the beach but also provides you with challenging adventure, rather than just sitting around getting sun burnt, or getting bored and finding yourself going shopping for things you don’t really want or need.

Spain is close to home.

If you’re coming from Northern Hemisphere (by far more populous than down under, so most of you), then Spain offers a change of scenery (and of weather, culture, and cuisine) without requiring a big flight. This reduces your costs as well as reduces the amount of time you’ll spend in transit and then dealing with jet lag. Going on far flung trips can be great, especially when you have a lot of time off, like during a gap year. However, if you’re looking for a quick break from work and need to jump straight back into your job when you return, then it can be nice to stick closer to home. Flight prices are generally likely to be lower too. And, you’ll typically have more direct options rather than multiple connections and sitting in airports.

Active/adventure holidays connect you with like-minded people.

Sloths don’t choose to go on holidays that will challenge them to get physical and try new skills. By choosing a holiday based around an activity, you’ll likely to encounter other fun people with a similar adventurous mindset to your own own. You might not have friends or family available to travel with you, or if you do, you might have different travel interests. An activity-based holiday is a great alternative to the typical sedentary ones like bus tours.

A camp prevents you from needing to do too much organizing and trip planning.

Planning an independent trip can be exhausting. There are so many decisions that need to be made regarding transport, hotels, budget etc. This can be fun to a point, but sometimes it’s not what you want to be spending your time doing, or you just don’t have any free time available. When you take a trip with a prepackaged element, it takes some of that decision-making out. This can save you a lot of time and energy. If you’re time-poor or have demanding job, this is especially valuable. The old adage time is money often applies. You’ll spend more of your time actually on holiday rather than researching all of hotels, transport, activities, restaurants etc by yourself.

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