7 OUTSTANDING Deals I’ve Gotten Lately and How.


This hotel room, which included a kitchen, cost $34 a night.
This hotel room, which included a kitchen, cost $34 a night.

One of the things I love most about travel is that it gives me a chance to use my one and only ninja skill – finding great deals. And, I love to share this intel with you dear readers, so you can also take advantage of this stuff.

Here are some of the awesome deals and freebies (not related to blogging) that I’ve gotten the last few weeks, and how I did it.

1. I just rented a car for 5 days for $55 TOTAL, including all taxes and fees.

Was it a clunker? No, it was a styley dark grey 2013 Ford Focus.

How: I book the weekend rate. I entered Thursday as the pickup and the same time Monday as the dropoff. But, that’s 4 days you say? You’re allowed to keep it an extra day at the same rate, so I get 5 days at the weekend rate, which is $12 a day. At the time, the 5 day and weekly rates were much higher (triple!).

I used a $10 off coupon code that I got for completing a survey after my first rental. I’ll happily give you the code if you message me on Facebook. The company is Firefly, who are owned by Hertz. It says Hertz on my CC statement.

What about insurance? My credit card covers collision and I have a non-owned liability policy which covers liability. If you’d like details about this policy, again message me on Facebook. It’s saving me a ton of money vs. paying for liability through the rental car company.

2. A suite with a kitchen for $34 a night.

I stayed at the cheapie hotel pictured above in Vegas for a week, at an amazing low rate. Since it’s an extended stay hotel, it had a kitchen. I saved even more by using a promo code found on their Facebook page. The place is called Crestwood Suites Las Vegas Blvd. I could walk 10-15 minutes to Wholefoods from there, and I did.

3. $10 Vegan pizza, the size of a small planet. You betcha.

On Thursdays, Wholefoods in Vegas do any large (read: giant) pizza for $10, including vegan with beyond meat and Daiya cheese. Hot pizza straight out of their oven!

I ate this pizza for lunch and dinner for two days! As a vegan, I eat very healthy a lot of the time so I can do these little treats.

4. A 56% saving on an awesome hotel.

I wanted a night in Palm Springs on my way back from Vegas to LA. I found a Hotwire mystery hotel deal for a hotel with over 90% satisfaction rating. Based on the amenities list, I was able to guess which exact property it was with high probability of being right. I was. It was the Best Western Inn. I really wanted to check out their 24 hour heated pool and hot tub, and I loved that they provide an in room fridge and microwave. So, I went for the deal. $56 plus taxes and fees = $69.

Hotwire also have a $25 off deal on their site for booking via their mobile app. I’m sure I’ll be using this in the next month or so when I do a 2 night stay somewhere.

5. Free wifi at Motel 6.

I was a little cheeky and asked the check in staff if they’d give me a free code. They did. I paid some nights of my long stay but got a few free codes too. Total saving around $15 (5 x $3). They have no idea I’m a blogger so this isn’t a blogger freebie. You can totally try it too.

6. A free drink and dessert at Native Foods.

Native Foods is one of my favorite vegan restaurants – it’s celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. When you get a Native Foods reward card (by telling them your email address at the counter), you get a free drink (including free refills), and then when you fill in an incredibly short survey, you get a free dessert. You also get a free birthday dessert so that is potentially 3 free things straight off the bat. Usually I decline loyalty cards since I’m traveling, but I’m glad I let them talk me into this!

7. Avoiding the resort fee at a Las Vegas Hotel.

I booked a hotel on the Strip in Vegas for my first night there and paid $5 extra for a room by the pool. It was a super cheap deal – $30 plus an $11 “resort fee,” which sucks but is about half of what some hotels in Vegas charge as a resort fee. I got there to find the pool was closed for winter. I complained and they waived the resort fee. I didn’t love the hotel but $30 is still a steal for a 21st floor view of the Las Vegas Strip.

What are your best, recent ninja deals?


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    Wow, so many clever little hacks here. Hotels in America for $30-35 a night? I had no idea it could be so cheap. Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m in the US especially.

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      US motels are surprisingly cheap, we stayed in mostly $40ish motels around the country (obviously this doesn’t work in certain areas like the north east for example). Vegas hotels are also more affordable than you might think! But watch out for those dang resort fees.

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