Twenty Airport Moments to Savor

Savoring positive moments is a great way to inoculate yourself against stress.

Here are twenty positive moments people experience at the airport. Please leave a comment if you can think of that I missed!

1. The feeling of managing to fit everything into your bag and getting the zip done up (I’m sometimes still consolidating bags at the airport itself).

2. The feeling when you have checked in your luggage and it wasn’t overweight.

3. The feeling of satisfaction of having booked a $1 flight on a budget airline many months ago, and now taking that flight.

4. The feeling of looking at the departure board and seeing your flight is on time.

5. The feeling of looking at the departure board and seeing all the amazing destinations the planes are going.

6. The feeling of people from lots of different cultures all mixing together at the airport. I always have a bit of a “one world” feeling at airports.

7. The feeling of finding a free luggage cart (either because the airport supplies them free, you spot an abandoned one, or a someone offers you their’s because they’re finished with it – love it when people go out of their way to do that and they do!).

8. The feeling of awe about all the human ingenuity that has gone into making jets.

9. The feeling of big airports being almost like a small town. Sure, airports can have problems with disorganization but it’s also amazing that the systems usually work. There is so much human effort and cooperation that goes into that.

10. When you’re checked in, realizing you don’t have anything you need to do anymore and you can go flick through the magazines in the airport bookstore.

11. The feeling of getting your boarding pass and seeing you got the aisle seat you requested.

12. When you’re traveling solo and you get to the passenger-only area, realizing you’re all alone and independent, and that feeling quite good.

13. When you’re traveling as a couple, sitting in the departure lounge, holding hands and savoring that you’re going to be having some romantic quality time together.

14. The feeling of ease of not having to hunt for public toilets. It’s a pain to have to sometimes walk around for 15+ minutes while traveling to find a public bathroom. At the airport they’re just there.

15. The feeling of finding a free outlet to charge your stuff.

16. The feeling when they announce your flight is boarding.

17. The feeling of walking off your plane after a long flight.

18. The feeling of successfully getting stamped in to the country you’re visiting and not denied entry for some reason.

19. The feeling of seeing your bag arrive on the carousal.

20. The feeling of walking out into the open air as you exit the airport. Especially if you coming from cold weather to somewhere that’s warm, and having that warm air hit you.

The Globetrotter Girls have a post about what they like about air travel. Before you head over there to check out their post, tell me what you enjoy about the airport I missed or anything from my list you can relate to.

What did I miss?

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