Balancing Activity and Relaxation When You Travel

One of the worst feelings is arriving back from a vacation exhausted. We’ve likely all had the experience of a delayed flight and arriving home in the middle of the night only to need to go to work a few hours later. It sucks!

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the options you can use so that you don’t come home from your vacation exhausted.

Return visits.

We LOVE returning to places we visit often e.g., Hawaii, Austin, New York, Miami. When you do a return trip, you don’t need to do nearly as much travel planning which is a huge time and energy saving. You can also usually relax more since you’ve done the “must see” tourist attractions on prior trips. It’s so much less stress to return to an old favorite destination. If you stay in the same hotel, take the same flight, use the same rental car company etc, it’s very relaxing just to repeat a routine you’ve done previously. There’s no stress of needing to find where to return your rental car etc

Alternate action packed and lazy trips.

If you’re willing to sometimes arrive home exhausted but not every time, then you can alternate fast paced trips with trips that don’t involve much activity at all, for example staying at a resort or beachside hotels/condos.

A resort visit at the end of a fast paced trip.

While the above is one option, why not have the best of both worlds within the same trip? If you’re traveling to a more adventurous country, you might choose to do say one week of fast travel, then do 4-5 days at a resort at the end of your trip before you fly home. Places in Southeast Asia and India have plenty of resorts where you can where you can relax by the pool in warm weather ( Kumarakom Lake Resort is an example). Search around to find what has the relaxing vibe you’re after, ideally with good food on site, so you can plop yourself down without needing to move very far!

If you can afford the time, you might choose to have 2 nights at a nice hotel at the beginning of your trip to recover your jetlag and get acclimated to your destination. However, I’d generally rather save my relaxation for the end of my trip.

Come home a day early.

Another trick is to come home on Saturday (or even Friday) so you have Sunday to relax and open all your mail etc before you need to go to work on Monday. Don’t tell anyone you’re coming back Saturday and don’t start your work email. Have a day to relax before you jump into work on Monday. An added bonus of this strategy is that Saturday tends to be one of the cheapest days of the week to travel, whereas Sunday is more expensive.

Image by Ashwin Kumar via Creative Commons.

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