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medium_10712761876 I am not a tour person, but the one tour in Palm Springs that I couldn’t resist was a tour of former celebrity homes. I went with The Best of The Best Tours who invited me to come along on the tour for review purposes.

The tour is a bus tour and runs about 1 and a 1/2 hours – long enough to be value for money but not so long that it takes up the whole day. It was a lot of fun. At $35 it’s also reasonably priced.

Here are some of the celebrity homes I saw.

– The house where Elvis and Priscilla lived just before they got married (and in the months straight afterwards). They were supposed to get married in Palm Springs but the media found out (thanks to a nosy neighbor) and they ended up getting married in Vegas to avoid the media circus.

– We also saw a second home where Elvis lived.

– Marilyn Monroe’s house, the club where Marilyn was “discovered” by a guy she later married, and the house were hher affair with JFK allegedly took place (Peter Lawford’s place, who was a member of the Rat Pack and JFK’s brother law). Apparently Marilyn was in Palm Springs shooting a pin up and got discovered while hanging out at a Racquet Club that let pretty girls in for free.

– Several Frank Sinatra related locations.

– Bob Hope’s very modest house.

– Some random celebrity homes, like Zsa Zsa Gabor’s house.

– Liberace’s house.

– Richard Nixon’s house.

– A bunch more but the ones above were the ones I was most interested in.

On the celebrity tour, we learned that the reason Palm Springs became popular with movie stars was because the studios used to insist that their stars stayed within 100 miles of LA, and Palm Springs falls just within that boundary.

The guide shared a few interesting tidbits e.g., that you can watch Polo matches in Palm Springs for free on Friday nights.

Overall: definitely a fun thing to do while visiting Palm Springs.

photo credit: Fabrice Muller Photography cc

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