Coastal highlights of Brittany, France


Once upon a time, Brittany used to be known solely for family summer camping holidays, however nowadays it is a multi-faceted holiday destination in its own right, with plentiful accommodation options on offer, plenty to see and do, and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere throughout the region.

Brittany is located in the north-west of France, which is lapped by the English Channel to its northern portion, with the beautiful Bay of Biscay towards the southern reaches. With over 1000km of coastline to enjoy, there are plentiful highlights, and simply heading off for a coastal walk will fill your camera with memories to remember your trip by, as well as plentiful exercise!

On top of the stunning and rugged coastline this region boasts, there is also the historical capital of the region, Rennes, and many small islands to explore just off the mainland too. A holiday in Brittany will certainly be of the old fashioned type – namely, getting out into the fresh air, enjoying every single drop of sunshine, and heading back to your accommodation at night, thoroughly exhausted!

Brittany’s Emerald Coast is perhaps the most famous part of the region, and this encompasses the north-eastern area, running from Dinard and Cancale. Here you will find those iconic high, rugged cliffs, with rocky coastline to explore; this kids will love checking out those naturally forming rock pools, and seeing what they can find there, as well as the white-sand beaches to totally relax on. You can find many walking trails around here, and mountain biking trails too.

Along the northern part of the region you will find the Cotes d’Armor, and this is where you will discover the stunning Pink Granite Coast. The name gives away much of what you will find here, as the rocky coastline, which runs for around 30km, has a pink hue to it, which is particularly stunning during sunset and sunrise. The impossible blue of the sea adds to the drama of the scene before you, and this region is particularly famous for family holidays, not least because it is very easily accessible from the UK. You can easily walk along much of the area, with swimming, cycling, paddling, horse riding, and sailing activities all on offer; if sailing is your thing, head to the centre at Perros-Guirec.

We mentioned that Brittany has many small islands just off shore, and these should certainly form part of your holiday exploration. The Morbihan Coast in the south of the region gives you easy access to many of these small islands, including St-Cado, Ile d’Arz, and Ile Aux Moines.

Of course, the coastline doesn’t give you the entire story, and simply heading a few miles inland will also show you plenty of beauty and drama. Audierne should be on your visit list, a charming and quaint destination, as well as Vitre, which is known as the Village of Books, before heading just north to the stunning castle at Fougeres. Rennes itself should be on that list too.

Put simply, the dramatic coastline which Brittany boasts isn’t the end of the story, and you don’t have to head off in a tent if you don’t want to – this beautiful region of France is packed with highlights to enjoy.

Image: Plouzane, Brittany. Unsplash CC0

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