My Five Most Embarrassing Travel Mishaps

Suzuki jeep rental Thailand – one of my travel mishaps involved this vehicle.

5. Taking the tube/subway in the wrong direction.

Multiple times I’ve taken the tube in the wrong direction in London. In New York, it regularly happens to me when I’m trying to take the G train. That line curves in strange ways and most of the time I have no idea whether I want to go in the Brooklyn bound direction or the Queens bound direction!

4. Getting nudged by a bus while on a guided bike tour in Berlin.

The bus wasn’t driving dangerously. I think I just have spatial ability issues! It sort of just grazed me on the way past.

3. Having the door knob fall out of the door during an apartment sublet.

I must’ve turned the knob in the wrong direction so many times it unscrewed. It fully unscrewed and fell out, leaving just the round hole in the door. All night I wasn’t sure whether, if I closed the door, I would be trapped in the apartment. So I slept with the door open, in NYC!

The super was very good in fixing it the following day – in less than 1 minute – and didn’t laugh his ass off (at least not to my face!).

2. Almost leaving my purse on an airport shuttle bus.

Whenever I am in transit with all my bags, I usually count them each time I physically move anywhere to make sure I have them all. I often have 4: a suitcase, a carry on, a purse, and a shopping bag. Somehow I mucked this up. Luckily I was able to flag down the bus as it was pulling away.

1. Getting stuck on a rough road in a rented 4WD on Koh Phangan Thailand.

We took a wrong turn and were stuck on an unused dirt road that was full of deep holes, in the middle of nowhere for almost an hour. We were starting to panic before we figured out how to actually use the vehicle in 4WD mode than than 2WD. As soon as we did, the vehicle unstuck itself instantly. Lesson > Get your rental agent to show you how to operate the 4WD before leaving with your vehicle.

What are your most embarrassing travel mishaps?

None of these travel mishaps have put me off traveling. What are your most embarrassing travel mishaps?

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    I’ve had some similar embarrassing moments during travel. The worst – vomiting into my hands and simultaneously pooping my pants while running through a hotel lobby to find the bathroom!!!!

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    Haha those roads in Koh Phangan are eerie. We were being taken up one in a tuk tuk and thought we were going to end up in a kidney farm!!

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