Highlights of Madrid


As far as capital cities go, Madrid is up there as one of the best. Spain’s capital is packed with beautiful architecture, history, and culture, and if you are an architecture fan then the buildings will make you weep. Art fans will love the plentiful galleries around the city, and of course, nightlife is vibrant and busy, as you would expect from a large city.

Located in central Spain, Madrid is full of elegance, from the parks which are dotted around its expanse, to the regular streets, including the impressive Plaza Mayor, where you can check out traditional city life, with people watching a fantastic way to spend an hour or two, with a coffee in hand.

Of course, every city has its highlights, so if you’re lucky enough to be heading to this beautiful and elegant city sometime soon, then make sure you check out these suggestions.

Prado National Museum
Art fans will love this impressive museum, housing one of the largest collections of many different types of art in the world, including Goya and Rafael, to name just two. Half a day will suffice for fans who simply want to browse, however big art fans should certainly dedicate a day to enjoying the large expanse of this building and it’s contents. The other perk is that this gallery is easy to reach via the hop on and off bus, which is a great way to see the major sights regardless.

Retiro Park
If you’re busy exploring the museums and galleries around Madrid and you need a spot of rest and relaxation, head to this beautiful urban park, packed with beautiful fountains, cafes, and surrounded by a large lake. There are often performers and entertainers to pass the time, giving you the ideal chance to enjoy the plentiful sunshine that Madrid enjoys.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
One of the most famous museums in Europe stands in Madrid, and it’s a definite must visit for fans of art, or those who simply have a passing fancy. There is a small fee to enter, but it’s entirely worth it, displaying art form the 13th to 20th centuries, with many types on offer, such as baroque and renaissance. At least half a day is needed here, and you can take advantage of the audio guide to help you learn a little more. Not as stuffy as some galleries can be, this is a great, laid-back choice.

Royal Palace of Madrid
The official residence of the Royal Family of Spain, this is an opulent, stunning, and downright beautiful place to visit. There are over 2000 rooms which are all decorated in luxury, to the point where the décor and buildings will make you want to simply move there! Buy the Madrid Card to help you with sightseeing costs, and you can also skip the line to a degree here too, because unless you get here early, you will be queueing for a while.

Santiago Bernabeu
Whether you’re a football fan or not, the home of Real Madrid is a must visit. Of course, you could try and get tickets for a game, which you will need to do well in advance from reputable places, such as the club Box Office itself, or you could just go for the stadium tour, which is certainly worth the entrance fee. The stadium itself is huge, seating over 80,000 people, and simply standing in the middle of it is enough to make you feel like a championship winner yourself!

Plaza de Cibeles
Sometimes simply looking at something beautiful is enough, and you don’t need to be exploring and walking around a place to enjoy it. Plaza de Cibeles is packed with statues and old buildings, full of history, and also a great meeting place to boot.

These are just a few of Madrid’s many highlights to enjoy, and a few days within the city will certainly make you want to head back again!

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