Ten Inflight Moments to Savor

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of flying, why not focus on moments of positive feelings.

Here are ten positive inflight moments worth savoring.

1. The feeling of no more waiting when the they announce all the passengers are onboard and they’re closing the plane doors.

2. The feeling of finding a movie you want to see on the inflight entertainment system, especially if it’s a movie you would’ve spent 10 bucks to see at the movies.

3. The feeling of requesting an extra diet coke and feeling pleased you’re not too shy to ask anymore.

4. The feeling of popping a Valium and it feeling quite awesome (pretty much the only time I take ‘feel good’ drugs is on very long flights). Or, the feeling of popping a sleeping pill and knowing that you’re going to wake up and half the journey will be completed.

5. Seeing sunrises and sunsets out the window at weird times and knowing you’re changing time zones.

6. Going for a walk around the cabin to stretch your legs and having a nosy at all the other people who are on the flight with you. Wondering why they’re traveling and what circumstances have led to them being on the same plane as you?

7. The feeling when your plane has successfully navigated take off and hasn’t blown up.

8. Munching on snacks (I bring a stack of peanut butter sandwiches on flights instead of eating the supplied meal. It don’t ever eat peanut butter sandwiches except on flights, so they always seem really delicious!)

9. The feeling of how amazing it is that planes fly.

10. The feeling of the wheels touching down.

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What did I miss off the above list? What inflight moments do you enjoy?

photo credit: caribb via photopin cc

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