How Much Does the Japan Rail Pass Cost? – 2013

The cost of the Japan Rail Pass is listed in Japanese Yen and the converted into the local currency of wherever you are buying it. Therefore the exact cost of the Japan Rail will vary depending on current exchange rates.

At rates as of January 2013, the cost of the basic (economy) pass in USD is:


7 Days – $323 / $46 per day.
14 Days – $516 / $37 per day.
21 Days – $659 / $31 per day.

The Japan rail pass includes the fee for reserving seat so you will not need to pay extra for this.

Do Children Travel Free on Japan Rail?

Children between 6 and 11 pay half price. Children under 6 travel free but aren’t guaranteed a seat if the trains are full.

Where to Buy It

You can only buy the Japan Rail Pass outside Japan. You have to be traveling on a tourist visa to be allowed to buy the pass.

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