Kathryn’s Biggest Travel Regrets

Some other travel bloggers have started a fun game of travel blogger tag. We’re all writing articles about our biggest travel regrets. Bethaney from Flashpacker Family wrote about her biggest travel regrets and tagged me to write next.

Here are my biggest travel regrets.

Fog Covered Christ the Redeemer.

In my early 20s, I went on a Lions Club exchange and stayed with a family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Out of everything in Brazil, I most wanted to see the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio. The family I was staying with put me on a 3 day Rio tour. There were no other English speakers on the tour, it was all in Portuguese. I couldn’t understand a thing, and the day we went up Christ the Redeemer I couldn’t see anything. It was completely fogged over. Missing this has bugged me for years!

Lesson: Factor in more time flexibility if something is really important.

fog christ the redeemer rio
Fog covered Christ the Redeemer, Rio, Brazil.

The Day in Mumbai that Never Happened.

I had a day stopover in India on the way back from Africa. It’s my only ever visit to India. My camera wasn’t working and since I have no photos, it feels like it didn’t even happen. I met some people during the day and we took photos together. They said they’d send me the photos but never did.

Lesson: If you say you’re going to send someone photos, do it. They might still be thinking about their lack of photos, 10+ years later.

Not Spending Longer on the Islands Off the Coast of Africa.

As part of one of my two Africa trips, I went to Lamu Island off the coast of Kenya. I was traveling alone and was a little bit scared (or sometimes a lot scared) the whole time I was in Africa. Since I was brave enough to go all the way to Africa alone in the first place, I wish I’d gone to some other islands off the coast e.g., Zanzibar, which is just a little to the South, off the coast of Tanzania.

Lesson: Appreciate how awesome it is to travel as a couple now.

Missing Going to Grenada Due to Hurricane Ivan.

There isn’t much I could’ve done about this. Kate and I had tickets to Grenada as part of our RTW trip, but Hurricane Ivan struck and destroyed a large part of the capital St George, which had a reputation for being one of the prettiest ports in the Caribbean.

Lesson: This one was out of my hands.

St George, Grenada, Port
St George, Grenada, Port.

Going to Berlin Rather Than Barcelona.

Kate and I debated between Berlin and Barcelona for a mini break. The flights were cheaper to Berlin for the weekend we wanted to go. Once I got to Berlin, I didn’t feel anything for it and wish we’d sucked up the higher flight costs and gone to Barcelona.

Lesson: If it’s only a matter of a couple of hundred dollars, do what you want rather than trying to save cash.

Tagging Who’s Next

We’d like to tag the following people to write about their biggest travel regrets next:

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– Juliet and Lane from Southwest Compass.

tag… you’re it!

photo credits: Glyn Lowe Photoworks and shaggyshoo via photopin cc


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    Haha, I’m delighted that what started as just another one of my random ideas for a blog post has gone this far! Love it. And I really love the photo of Christ the Redeemer covered in fog – it would have been disappointing but it makes for a crazy photo.

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    We took your “lessons” and ran with it… Well, technically we drove with it… Or sort of drove with it.

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    I am so stealing this tag! Sounds like fun.

    By the way, the foggy photo is cool, if you were looking for a silver lining 🙂 Also, you have reminded me of Barcelona and how it should sneak back into my travel plans soon, I happen to have friends there who keep telling me I should go visit 🙂

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    The Christ the Redeemer statue actually looks really cool in your foggy photo. However I’m sure it was a bit of a let down not to see it clearly.

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