How Much Does the New York City Subway Cost? – 2013

There are four types of New York City subway tickets available.

1. Single Ride

$2.50 per ride if you buy a single ride ticket. There are no zone restrictions in New York City. You can ride all day (including to Brooklyn or Queens) for a single fare provided you don’t exit the system.

2. Pay-per-ride metro card.

Rides are $2.25 each using a pay per ride metro card that you load money onto in advance. However, if you load $10 or more onto a pay per ride you will get an extra 7% value free (i.e., for every $10 you load, you’ll get 70c free value).

3. 7 Day Unlimited

$29. bonus: You can use your unlimited ride metro card on NYC buses for no extra charge.

4. 30 Day Unlimited


Do children travel free?

Children up 44 inches or 111cm travel free. Up to 3 children can travel free with one adult.

How to buy NYC subway tickets?

You buy your tickets from a machine at each station. It’s very easy. I’ve used several international credit cards in the machines and they’ve always been accepted. Note that you “dip” your card into the machine. This means you put the card into the machine and pull it out again, before you push the buttons for the ticket you want. All of this is explained and people will help you. Subway stations are staffed by an attendant.

When you pay by credit card, you can get your unlimited pass replaced if you lose it. If this happens to you, you will have to go to an office – they can’t be replaced at the station, but it is straightforward.

What does it cost of to take the subway to/from JFK Airport?

Taking the subway to/from JFK airport is the same as normal fare. If you have a 7 or 30 day unlimited pass, you can use your pass to get to/from JFK airport. However, the subway doesn’t go all the way to the airport. Once you get to the subway station closest to the airport, you’ll need to take the JFK Airtrain which costs an additional $5.

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