Packing Mistakes: 9 Things I Pack But Rarely Use

Everyone has their packing idiosyncrasies. I’d love to hear what you pack but don’t use. For most of these I have learned the lesson and no longer pack them.

1. Sunglasses.

I don’t ever wear sunglasses at home, not even for driving, so I don’t know why I take them on trips.

2. T-shirts when going to very hot countries.

When it’s super hot, I only ever wear single-style tops, but I always seem to pack a tshirt.

3. A paperback book.

Most often these come home unread. I listen to audiobooks on my iphone, which I can do without getting car/bus/air sick.

4. My tweezers.

I think I’m going to pluck my brows so I look nice in my travel pics, but I get lazy and go yeti.

5. A sample bottle of face moisturizer.

I rarely use face moisturizer at home. I’ve put it in my bag in case I get sunburn but I never use it. On flights I take a sample bottle of a super heavy duty hand moisturizer. I do use often that for my hands and lips on long flights.

6. A plastic camping cup.

Who knows what the thinking was behind this.

7. Coins from my home country.

i.e., I’ve forgotten to take these out of my purse before leaving. Often I accumulate them the day of leaving despite efforts not to!

8. My house and office keys.

At least twice, I’ve taken my keys on international trips

9. Any clothing where I decide to take “an extra …” in the half hour before leaving for the airport.

This can be extra undies, an extra pair of shorts, an extra bathing suit etc.

You? What do you repeatedly pack but not use? Are there any things on my list that you do use and wouldn’t travel without?

On the contrary I always like to pack a “pocket pack” or the best cross-body travel purse to use as day bag when I am traveling. This is always in addition to my carry on bag, because I don’t want to have to unpack this to then use it as a day bag.



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    I always pack books while I am going to travel and I never read those books. As for sun glasses I don’t like to wear but still carry with me all the time.

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    I’m guilty of taking sunglasses, coins and extra clothes on numerous trips that I’ve never used however we’ve carried a water purifier with us more times than I can count and it’s never left our bag.

    That one is definitely our biggest “should be left at home” however now we’re getting so used to seeing it in there that as soon as we take it out our plane will probably crash land in the Amazon and we’ll be cursing the fact we left it at home. 😉

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    Thanks for the comment Charles 🙂

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    Nightgowns! I pack too many nightgowns. I usually end up wearing a T and pants to sleep in.. but I have several long flowing nightgowns packed which I never wear. Just in Case!

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      Hi Cathie, thanks for the comment! Your comment reminded me that at some point I stopped packing any sleepwear. I just wear a singlet top to bed when I’m traveling. Appreciate you visiting the blog!

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