How Much Does the Paris Metro Cost – Ticket Prices 2016

There are five types of Paris Metro tickets available.

1. Single rides.

The 2016 price for a single ticket is 1,80 Euro.

2. 10 ride ticket.

A 10 ride ticket is 14,10 Euro or 1,41 Euro per ride for adults, 7,05 Euro for a child under 10 yrs for 10 tickets.

3. A daily unlimited pass – The Mobilis Pass.

Zone 1 and 2: 7 Euro.
Zone 1-3: 9,30 Euro.
Zone 1-4: 11,50 Euro.
Zone 1-5 (doesn’t include the airports): 16,60 Euro.

Buy from a ticket machine or over the counter at the station or from a station agent.

Note: If you’re under 26 and in Paris on a weekend or public holiday, you can get a cheaper 1 day unlimited pass called a ticket jeunes. Buy over the counter or from a ticket machine at the station or from a station agent.

4. A weekly pass that runs Monday to Sunday (see comment from reader Richard at bottom of article)

To get this weekly pass aimed at locals, you’ll need to get a Navigo card (as in NAVI GO). This is similar to London’s Oyster card. It’s a reusable card that you load your pass on to. The pass runs from Monday to Sunday. You can purchase the pass from Friday for the following week.

The Navigo card itself is 5 Euro, and you can by it at the station from the attendant. The prices below don’t include the cost of the purchasing the Navigo card.

AllZones 1-5: 21,25 Euro.
Zones 2-3: 19,80 Euro.
Zones 3-4: 19,00 Euro.
Zones 4-5: 18,45 Euro.

Zone 4 will get you to and from Orly Airport and Versailles on this Navigo card.
Zone 5 will get you to and from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

As you’ll see below, if you are arriving on a Monday, this is much cheaper than getting the tourist pass, even including the 5 Euro fee for the card.

You must have a 2.5cm tall x 2cm wide photo to buy the Navigo card but you can just print this using a home printer before your trip.

5. 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, or 5 day unlimited pass (that starts the day you buy it) aimed at tourists – called Visite passes.

These are aimed at tourists and priced accordingly. You can buy these for either zones 1-3 (central Paris) or zones 1-5 (which includes the RER to the airport, getting to Euro Disney, and getting to Versailles). Below the price for 3 zones is listed first and the price for all 5 zones is listed second.

1 Day: 11,15 Euro, 23,50 Euro
2 Day: 18,15 Euro, 35,70 Euro
3 Day: 24,80 Euro, 50.05 Euro
5 Day: 35,70 Euro, 61,25 Euro

Tickets for Children?

Children under 4 (0-3 inclusive) ride free. If your child looks under 4, they’re likely to ride free.

10 ride tickets and the Tourist Visite passes are half price for children. There are no child discounts on the other passes or single tickets.

For the Visite Tourist passes, children aged 4-12 inclusive are half price.

For the 10 ride passes, children 4-9 inclusive are half price.

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  6. details of the 7 day pass are wrong

    >>you can buy it any day but it will run out at the end of Sunday<<

    The pass is valid monday morning – sunday night and goes on sale starting the friday before the week it is valid.Passes sold monday-wednesday are valid for that week (ie expire the coming sunday). NO 7 DAY PASSES ARE SOLD ON THURSDAYS. On friday the 7 day pass for the next week is on sale. So on Fri/Sat/Sun you cannot buy a 7 day pass for that current week, no 7 day pass of any kind is on sale on Thursdays.
    All this and the ticket is electronic and stored on the navigo pass but rules are rules.

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  13. Thank you for the information.

    I am moving to Paris in August to study a masters. I will need to make my way to La Defense. I have read that this station is covered in Zones 1-2 for single tickets/day passes (although it is in Zone 3).
    Do you happen to know if this rule applies with monthly tickets? Or would it be better to buy the stack of 10 single tickets (perfect for mon-fri) ?

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