Sample Sublet Agreement

We move into our apartment sublet today, so I thought I’d post a copy of the sublet agreement I’ve been using as a template the last few years. This is my base one and it just gets modified each year.


– The first five times I sublet apartments we didn’t use a written agreement but I’m more comfortable now I have started using one.
– I often haven’t paid a deposit. This time I didn’t. The most I have ever paid is $500. That’s the amount I’d be prepared to lose and I think it still provides a strong guarantee of showing up.
– I’m not a lawyer. This agreement is meant to help clarify expectations between the parties rather than have legal weight!

Sample Sublet Agreement

Sublet Agreement between NAME and NAME

Kate will pay Amy $1430 rent for the month of July, along with a $500 refundable
security deposit. The security deposit ($500) is due at the signing of this agreement via PayPal. If Kate chooses to use a credit or debit card to make the deposit, she agrees to pay any
associated fees charged by PayPal. Amy agrees to pay any PayPal fees associated
with returning Kate?s deposit in August 2010.

Kate will pay her rent ($1430) in cash upon possession of the apartment on July

1. The rent includes reasonable charges for utilities: gas (around $30), electricity
(around $70), and high-speed unlimited Internet service ($30). In August 2010,
once Kate has moved out, all final bills have been paid, and it is clear that everything
has been left in good shape, Amy will return the $500 deposit via PayPal. If any of
the utilities charges varies significantly from the estimates, the difference will either
be refunded to Kate or charged against the deposit, depending on the direction of
the variance.

Before leaving, Kate will make arrangements with Amy regarding the return of
the keys. In lieu of paying a cleaning fee, Kate agrees to launder any bed linens and
towels used during her stay, and to leave the apartment broom-clean and in good

Kate will see that no one smokes in the apartment, in compliance with the ?house
rules? in effect in the building.

Amy will see that the bedroom closet and bathroom medicine cabinet are cleared
out so that there?s plenty of room for Kate?s things. Amy?s things will be stored on
the upper shelves of the bedroom closet and in the hallway closets. Bookshelves
and cabinets in the living room will still be full of books, CDs and so forth, which
Kate is welcome to use if she wishes. Amy?s bike (with bike lock) will be available for Kate?s use, if desired. In the unlikely event that the bike is damaged or stolen if Kate takes it for a ride, Amy will deduct $100 from Kate?s security deposit. Amy will provide towels, bedding, dishes and cookware. Kate will bring her own computer for connection to the WiFi Internet.

Kate is of course free to have company, overnight guests, dinner parties, and so
forth. She will take responsibility for the safety of her guests, for the condition of
the apartment, and for the concerns of the neighbors.

Kate will keep an eye on the general maintenance of things in the apartment, and will contact the building Superintendent (NAME, PHONE) and Amy (PHONE) promptly if there is a maintenance issue. Amy will gratefully reimburse Kate for any reasonable expenses incurred in the handling of an emergency having to do with her personal property in the apartment. Amy will give Kate the phone number(s) of one or more friend(s) in the neighborhood in case of
an emergency (such as lost or broken keys).

Once Amy and Kate have both agreed to the language in this letter, and Kate has
sent Amy the $500 security deposit via PayPal (sent to EMAIL) and mailed two signed copies of this letter to ADDRESS, Amy will sign both copies, keep one, and mail the other back to Kate.

Signature Name Date

Signature Name Date

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