The SkyScanner From: Airport to “Everywhere” Search – The most fun way to search for flights.

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Flight search engine Skyscanner has a really fun feature where you can put in your departure airport and select the destination as “Everywhere.”

This will show you the cheapest places to fly on the date you want to travel. We haven’t booked a flight off Hawaii yet, so I’ve just been running some searches using this feature. We eventually want to make our way to NYC, but are planning on making another stop on the mainland US before going to New York.

Portland is probably my first choice since I’ve never been there but I wouldn’t turn down San Diego, Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles or somewhere completely random if a deal came up. I quite like the idea of seeing some of the US between the coasts. Boise, Idaho was one of the random choices that came up in the search.

European mini-breaks

The Skyscanner “Everywhere” tool is probably most useful when you have a base in Europe and you want to do some mini-breaks (e.g., if you’re working in London and want to head over the continental Europe for a long weekend.) (Or, equally if your base is in the US and you just want to get away somewhere for a cheap break.)

The tool shows the main budget airlines like Easy Jet and Ryan Air, as well as some European budget airlines you may not have heard of. It also allows for “all airport” search so you can select, for example, all the London airports as your departure point rather than a specific airport.

The results page shows the flight deals grouped by country which is great if you don’t know the names of secondary airport cities.

If you’re feeling spontaneous, I highly recommend checking out this tool!


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    I use this feature a lot. When we are stuck in one place for awhile and I think we could get away for a bit. It’s awesome.

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    What fab feature! Although I’m not sure I would be able to resist booking flights to multiple destinations!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Definitely the most fun you can have on a flight search engine!

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    so glad i saw this because I didn’t know about it until now!

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    This is new to me, so I’m grateful for the tip. Sounds like a great way to daydream 🙂

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    What a great way to feed your wanderlust!

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    I’ve heard about this (from the horse’s mouth, in fact). Seems like a fun game of travel roulette, though I have yet to try it. I just bought a car, so I’m eager to see even more of mainland Spain and Portugal!

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    Great idea to waste a few hours 😛

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    i haven’t tried this tool but i’m sure i’d like it. i WISH Europe was my home base so i could jet off every weekend somewhere new. then i’d use that “everywhere” tool & play roulette 😉

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    yeah me too Jenna Francisco but i need to have Europe as my home base too 😉

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    ohhh this seems dangerous. will definitely have to try this for my next long weekend….xo! the wino

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    Ah! I found this once, loved it, forgot to bookmark it, and then couldn’t remember what it was called! You are a complete lifesaver!

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    I’ve been using the Skyscanner tool for a while – it’s absolutely wonderful for plotting out open ended trips.

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    I did not know about this. I probably should have continued not knowing about this 🙂

    I was happy going to France for two months, but according to Skyscanner, I can visit a bunch of other countries cheaply during that time!

    Off to plan lots of weekends away!

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    Good tip! I didn’t know about the Everywhere search.

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    This is a great idea. We focus so much on where we want to go and scheduling around that, but exploring is exciting!

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