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Find Out If You’re a Match

Your choice of traveling companion can make or break a round the world trip. Take our 21 question quiz to see if you and your prospective travel companion are on the same page about what you want from your round the world.

This quiz is also useful for couples to identify and talk through any areas of incompatibility before leaving.


Complete the quiz independently from your prospective traveling companion.

Don’t compare notes while you’re answering. You’ll do that at the end.


1. During you trip, how many days a week would you ideally like to drink alcohol?

Answer between 0 days per week to 7 days per week.

2. When you visit a world renowned museum, what is your ideal length of time to spend there?

Answer between 20 minutes and 4 hours.

3. While traveling in Europe, how many museums is the right amount to visit in a week?

Answer between 0 and 10.

4. What time do you ideally want to get up most days?

Answer between 7am and noon.

5. What time do you ideally want to go to bed most nights?

Answer between 10pm and 4am.

6. Do you need an air-conditioning in your room in countries where the daytime temp is 30C/86F?

Answer between 1 = Air conditioning is not important to me, to 7 = air conditioning is absolutely essential for me.

7. What is the max temperature you can comfortably tolerate walking outside in?

Answer between 24C (75F) to 40C (104F).

8. When traveling in Asia, how frequently do you ideally want to visit temples?

Answer between Never and Daily.

9. Are you prepared to stay in a hostel dorm room?

Possible answers: 1 = never, to 7 = that would be completely fine with me.

10. Are you prepared to stay in a private room in a hostel?

Possible answers: 1 = never, to 7 = that would be completely fine with me.

11. Are you prepared to sleep in the airport to save 50 Euros?

Possible answers: 1 = never, to 7 = yes, definitely.

12. How many photos is the right amount to take in a day? (Why it’s on the quiz – because waiting for someone who is taking lots of photos is super boring)

Answer between 10 and 200.

13. What is the max percentage of your trip you’d be prepared to visit cold places (daytime temperature under 15C/59F)?

Answer between 0% to 100%.

14. How often would you be prepared to eat banana and baguette sandwiches in Paris (or a similar scenario) to save money?

Answer between 1 = Never, to 7= Daily.

15. Would you skip buying drinks (either beer or non-alcoholic drinks) with a meal to save cash in expensive countries?

Answer between 1 = Definitely not, to 7 = Absolutely, that’s a no brainer.

16. How many years in jail would you risk to buy pot while traveling?

Answer between None to 20.

17. How many days a week would you like to take an afternoon nap?

Answer between 0 and 7.

18. How many days would you ideally like stop for a relaxed sit down lunch (vs. eat on the go because you’re powering around attractions)?

Answer between 0 and 7.

19. How much extra would you be prepared to spend to get accommodation that has a pool in hot cities that are away from the ocean.

Answer between $0 and $100.

20. Would you take an organized day tour involving a bus?

Answer between 1 = never, to 7 = that sounds like fun.

21. Are you prepared to share a bed?

Answer between 1 = never, to 7 = that sounds like fun.


Put each of your answer sheets side by side and compare how far apart you are on each answer.

What did I forget that should be a question on this quiz?



  1. // Reply

    You definitely get to know someone when you travel with them. Great questions to ask any travel companion!

  2. // Reply

    This is brilliant…but you should change the photo answers to be 1 to 2000. I’ve taken over 1800 in one day before!

  3. // Reply

    I was going to say something similar and the “waiting for someone who is taking lots of photos is super boring” what if that someone IS a photographer?

    I think you have some good thought provoking questions but the answers aren’t the end all be all. My husband likes to drink when he travels, me not so much. I like to see lots of museums and art – him not so much. I take hundreds of photos daily, he uses his iphone for photos/video. So based on your list we’d not be compatible but we actually work well together. He’s very patient with me taking photos, gets into it even and often does video of me shooting. If I’m going to be a while at a gallery or museum he finds a pub nearby and hangs with some locals and we meet afterwards.

    Just some other ideas to think about.

  4. // Reply

    We bombed the quiz. Of course our friends made bets against us lasting this long at our wedding… 5 years ago. :o)

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for comment Lane! I think the quiz is more relevant for compatibility for friends considering traveling together. I think when you’re a couple, you work out your incompatibilities because working out compromises is such a part of couple relationships anyway.

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