Travelling The World: Things You Need To Know


As we sit at our desk, staring at a computer screen and looking out the window at a dreary, rainy afternoon, many of us would be tempted to hand in our resignations, swapping the 9-5 for a sunny beach in Thailand.

However, if your daydream of exotic beaches, once in a lifetime experiences and exploring new cultures is about to become a reality then there are a few things you need to know!

You do not want to take a suitcase if you’re going “Troppo”!
If you plan to travel off the beaten path to rugged or isolated destinations then you should invest in the best traveller’s backpack you can afford – one that is light, water resistant and can hold everything you need to take with you, whilst being easy to carry from place to place. However if you only plan to stick to the big cities when traveling then a spinner suitcase will save your back and be easier to pack and unpack on the go. When packing only take the essentials – you will be able to purchase most things you need cheaply whilst you are away.

Make two copies of your passport and documents
Do you know what you would do if, whilst on the other side of the world, you realised you had lost a vital document? To avoid the stress that this could bring make a couple of photocopies of everything – keep one on you, but separate to the originals and leave one at home with a family member. Whilst making the photocopies double check your passport is in date for your entire trip and bear in mind some countries require you to have six months left on your passport when you enter the country.

A prepaid travel card is better than carrying cash
The worst thing you could do is carry wads of cash in your luggage – what would you do if you lost it or it got stolen? A prepaid travel card can be loaded with all this money and used wherever your travels take you.

Thoroughly research the countries you plan to visit
It can be scary landing in an unknown place – a place where they perhaps speak little or no English and have a completely different culture to what you are used to. The best way to ensure you are as prepared as possible is to fully research each country you are visiting, especially if they are developing countries.

How about having ideas and inspiration delivered to your doorstep each month – helping to build the excitement? Magazine subscriptions UK have plenty of titles that will help you with deciding what to pack, what to do while you are there, plus handy hints and tips. You may want to invest in a phrase book to help you have a basic understanding of the language as well as checking if there are any rules and regulations.

Having the correct visas and jabs is VERY important!
While researching the countries make sure you check if they have any requirements. It is important to get the right visa and ensure these are applied for in plenty of time. At the same time you need to be looking at what jabs (or tablets) you may need – as they also have timescales that need to be adhered to. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is an excellent resource for finding out what and when vaccinations are required for each country. If you unsure of what the countries you are visiting require, speak to your nurse who will be able to advise you.

Be prepared to document your time away
Don’t forget your camera – you are visiting areas of the world you have probably never been to and having once in a lifetime experiences! While you don’t want to spend the whole time seeing it from behind a screen, you will want to capture these precious memories. How about setting up a blog before you leave? Sites such as WordPress are free and will enable you to upload your photos and document your experience.

Now all you need to do is start the countdown to your big adventure!

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