Travelling with kids in Semarang

You don’t need to avoid destinations that are a little off the beaten track just because you have a bundle of joy or two in tow! The best advice for anyone travelling with children is to do your research first. Generally you will find that most destinations are perfectly amenable to travelling families if you do a little planning online. If you are planning to travel with a baby/toddler you might like to bring along your own travel crib.

If you are dreaming of heading to Indonesia, then the great news is that there is plenty to see and do for children, whilst also allowing them to enjoy a different culture to their own – this kind of travel breeds open-minded, well-rounded children!


The capital city of Central Java in Indonesia is Semarang. This large and bustling city is an assault on the senses, but in the best possible way. Semarang is a port city with varied and interesting architecture, including wonderful examples of Dutch colonial architecture like the iconic Lawang Sewu in the old quarter. The Lawang Sewu was the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. The city, and Indonesia as a whole, have a fascinating history which is well imparted by a number of excellent museums. Of course, children want to have fun, and Semarang does cater for that too!

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The newly opened Mangkang Zoo is a wonderful place to take the kids, and you will also get to see some local wildlife here too, which will show them about conservation, as well as being a fun day out. On top of this, Catfish Park is a great place to head, with animal shows, a children’s playground, and shows which give nods towards the culture of the city and its history too. If you are visiting during July, be sure to check out Semarang Fair, which is an annual event, with entertainment and cultural fun to be had.

Marina Beach is the ideal spot to get away from the city for a few hours, and there is also a children’s playground here, as well as water-sports and beach fun. Children don’t always enjoy city life for too long a time, so breaking up the sightseeing and culture with a spot of beach time fun is always a good idea. Having said that, combining the two is easy in Semarang, and Semawis Night Market in Chinatown is a fun way to inject some tradition into your evening. As it says on the tin, this is an evening market which allows visitors to explore Indonesian culture, perhaps sampling some street food, or shopping for souvenirs to take back home for family and friends. Accommodation is easy to find and affordable by making a simple online hotel booking. Hotel Horizon Semarang, for example, has a high customer satisfaction score and is located in the heart of the city.


Destinations such as this, perhaps slightly off the beaten track, are just as accessible for families as single travellers and groups, and there are many advantages to this too. Semarang might not be the first place that springs to your mind when you picture Indonesia, but it is one that will show you the true side of this richly cultural country. Whilst glittering beach resorts in Bali might be attractive to visitors and families, why not try something a little different, something which will enrich your holiday, and something which will show your children a different side to life, a different culture, and open their eyes to everything the world has to offer.

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