What to Do the Day Before a Trip

getting ready for travel

I am hitting the road again tomorrow, after a 5 week pitstop at home in NZ. Here’s what I’m doing the day before my departure.

Mentally run through your travel in day in detail.

My BIG tip for not forgetting about things you need is to mentally visualize your first travel day, right from setting your alarm to wake up, getting to the airport, your transits, to arriving at your arrival airport, getting to your hotel, checking in, and what you’ll do next.

This process will help you remember things like

– you need to pack some snacks. This is especially true for me as a vegan since I can’t rely on airport food or the airline remembering my vegan meal.

– to use Google transit to find out what bus you need to take from the airport, and to find out how much local currency you’ll need as exact change to do so

– to call your bank and tell them you’ll be traveling so they don’t block your card

– to make any adjustments to your cell phone plan that you need to make

– to take any leftover currency you have from prior trips.

– to google walking directions from your hotel to a supermarket so you can go get some food upon arrival. You might choose to print these if you won’t have data set up on your phone immediately.

– anything else you might need to print, for example, proof of funds for entering a country or any booking confirmations you want to take a paper copy of.

– to confirm your arranges for getting to the airport

Things you need to do in advance i.e., not the day before.

The only things you really need to do in advance are:

– Make sure you have visas if needed, including for countries where you are only transiting in the airport. Yes, some countries require these.

– Make sure your passport isn’t going to expire within 6 months of when will enter your final country other than your home country. This is because many countries will only let you enter if you have 6 months validity on your passport.

– Sort out medications.

– Make sure your drivers license isn’t going to expire. Even if you’re not planning on driving, you will likely end up using your drivers license for id. If a visa office has your passport or it gets lost or damaged, you’ll need your drivers license for id when making credit card purchases, checking into hotels etc. It’s also easier to carry your license than carry your passport for when you get asked for id with your credit card.



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    Great tips! I always make huge packing lists and I run through everything in my mind much like you do. As for the vegan snacks, I always have tons of Clif bars or other filling type granola bars on hand just in case!

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    I always like to mentally run through what my travel day will look like by visualising each of the steps, just to make sure I’m on the right track.

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    We have a master to-do list saved but mentally running through your travel day always reminds us of a few extras!

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    I feel like I need to have a list of things to do the day before I travel. I’m always freaking out and running around. Gotta get it all down on paper one day.

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