What to Wear in London

What to wear in London.

How to Dress in London

A visit to the English capital is a fantastic experience no matter what the month of the year; sightseeing, nightlife, gastronomy, culture, and, of course, shopping in abundance! London is one hell of a funky city, but that means you need one hell of a funky style to go with it!

What to wear in London is something you need to get right if you want to fit in, and that means you need to do your research and a spot of pre-planning before you head off. London outfits are high fashion, but thankfully affordable, and vintage is always something which is going to be bang on trend, in fact many of the funkiest London dresses are from second hand shops, to give them a slightly different twist.

How to dress in London is about the weather too, because London, in fact England in general, is known for its rather rainy and chilly weather no matter what the month! – so bringing a good travel umbrella is a sensible idea. However a summer’s day in the capital is a glorious experience and can’t be beat, so it’s about pre-planning when you go, as much as what you wear.

For (the albeit rare) warm summer days, many Londoners go Maxi dress.

Allison Brittney Women’s Pleated Cross Over Front Printed Empire Maxi Dress

Consider this your guide on how to dress like a Londoner, and exactly what to pack for London jaunts!

What to Wear in London (Women)

London attire is basically an anything goes kind of affair, but that doesn’t mean that you can get away with not trying. London is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world, and whether you go for high end designer names, vintage chic, or you hit the High Street and enjoy some of the famous stores you find there, such as Top Shop or Primark, you need to style up what you wear and add your own personal twist – this is much of what London fashion is about. Packing for London is therefore about what suits you.

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Ladies, you need to think about your body shape before you figure out what to adorn your frame with, and when considering what to wear in London in September for instance, you need to think about the weather. A good pair of well-fitting skinny jeans and ballet pump flats is always a fashion winner, such as this pair of Levi’s super skinny jeans, and when teemed with a crisp white shirt, such as this Chase Secret white shirt, you really can’t go wrong. As you can see, what to wear in England is basically about classics with a twist. Ripped jeans, like this pair of David K Premium ripped jeans, are always a fashion winner if you can get away with them.

Levi’s Women’s 535 Super Skinny Jean

The rock chick look is always a winner too, so think about your make up as much as what you wear. This is a look you can get away with in summer too, and when considering what to wear in London in June, think about layers, such as a light slouchy cardigan you can tie around your waist or throw in a travel day bag when it gets a little warm.

What to Wear in London (Men)

Guys, your London packing list is really dependent on what it is you’re wanting to do whilst you’re visiting the capital. Steer clear of long basketball shorts and baggy t-shirts, you’re not in LA, and instead think about a fitted fashion tee. ; if you want something more casual then an old band t-shirt is the ideal way to fit in, with a pair of skinny jeans – how to dress like a London woman might be about skinny jeans, but men, you can get in on this fashion trend too! Check out this pair of Urban K men’s skinny jeans, or this Ramones T-shirt, for a few inspirational ideas to try.

What to wear in London summer time for you the guys out there is about staying cool, but staying stylish too. What to wear in London in April is however vastly different to what to wear in London in May, because the weather changes quite dramatically from wet to rather spring-like – always bear the weather in mind! Because of this, a well fitted hoodie is a good idea for chilly days; check out this Alternative men’s hooded top for a good example, which comes in a few different colours. Smart yet practical travel pants, like these 5.11 Tactical pants, are a good option, and when paired with a well fitting vest top, you are bang on trend.

Alternative Men’s Eco Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt

London Outfit Ideas

How to dress like a Londoner should mean that you look like you haven’t tried too hard, but in fact you did a lot of pre-planning for your outfit! If you’re going to be walking around doing the sights, which is a must, then you need to think comfort as well as style, and that also goes for what you wear on your feet. Some Skechers are a good option if you plan to do a lot of walking. If you wonder ‘what do people wear in England?’ and you’ve got the whole tweed look in your mind, then cancel that now, because your packing list for London should be more about modern day twists, than old fashioned choices.

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We gave you a few outfit ideas in our last section, and these should mean you’re bang on trend for your sightseeing needs. Don’t bother with high heels in the daytime ladies, because you’ll stand out like a sore thumb, and your feet won’t thank you for it! London summer fashion is about staying cool, yet well put together. If you’re visiting for business then you need to think down a different line, with a tailored look the way to go. London summer style is basically about fun and flirtation, whereas winter style is about warmth, i.e a good jacket!

Alternative Women’s Racerback Maxi Dress

You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans or maxi dresses for the ladies during the day, and then glamming it up a little more in the evening; and guys, again, well fitted jeans (avoid the low-slung variety), and those aforementioned cargo pants are the way to go. During the evening, guys need to think about where they’re going as to what to wear, because many upmarket establishments require a shirt and tie, and no jeans allowed.

London Outfits for Daytime

Okay, so you’re going to be checking out the sights or doing a spot of shopping during the day time, so ladies, you need to first consider the weather. If it’s raining, which is very possible, then you have to dress accordingly. Clothes in London are not really about the elements, but you need to consider warmth and keeping dry. Again, we can’t say it enough, jeans are a good go-to, or perhaps leggings and a flirty tea dress over the top, paired with boots. Check out this Allegra skater dress as a cute dress to throw over a pair of simple black leggings.

Allegra K Ladies Half Placket Sleeveless Belted Shirt Dress

For those sightseeing outfits for warmer days, a pair of denim shorts or a denim skirt is a good staple to throw in your suitcase, such as this pair of Levi’s Women’s Relaxed Denim Shorts, for example. Team these with a flowery, chiffon top and you have girly summer fashion, fit for the capital. What to bring to London during the summer months is about layering, but maxi dresses are always a good one for the day time, which can be worn with converse trainers or flats. This G2 Chic maxi dress comes in a large variety of colours and patterns, and certainly fits into the London dress code.

Guys, your day time fashion options are wide-reaching. For chilly days, you can’t beat a well fitted sweater and a pair of jeans – again, avoid those baggy ones. This Comfortably Collared Slim Fit V-neck sweater is a great choice, and looks fantastic worn with jeans. A checked shirt is always a classic go to as well, such as this IZOD Men’s Long Sleeve Essential Tattersall Shirt. Throw this on with a pair of well fitted chinos, and you’re stylish to the max. This pair of Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Stretch Chino Pants certainly fit the bill. What to wear London men fashion is about being well put together, without going down the suit route.

What to Wear in London at Night

Dress for London nights out really depends on where you’re going and what you’re planning on doing. Regardless of your gender, if you’re heading to one of the more upmarket places, such as restaurants and night clubs, then you need to dress accordingly. These types of places have a dress code, and that usually includes suit and tie, and dress shoes, for the guys, and evening dresses for the women. What to wear in London now for nights out certainly depends on location, because there are some places which will let you get away with jeans, so it’s about what you do.

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Dresses in London really are about anything goes! Girls, you can get away with anything, but it’s also about dressing for your figure and flaunting what you have, not what you haven’t got! Maxi dresses are still great for evenings out, but body con dresses like this Awesome21 Women’s Sleeveless Floral printed Mini Dress are must haves for night clubs. Guys, you can still stick to the skinny jeans and shirt route when heading to a more relaxed club or bar in the evening.

Awesome21 Women’s Sleeveless Floral printed Mini Dress

Shoes to wear in London during the evening hours is a personal choice, but on the whole, the ladies need to be wearing heels to fit in. Guys, if you’re going somewhere smart, it’s about dress shoes like these Homme Moda Italy Prince Men’s Classic Modern Oxford Wingtip Lace Dress Shoes. And what not to wear in London during the evening hours? Well, trainers basically – you might not be allowed into certain places.

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London Packing List

Your outfits for London need to be pre-planned, as we have mentioned, and again, you need to check the weather before you go. English weather is certainly changeable, but the time of year is quite general in terms of climate. English summer fashion is a lot more lightweight than winter, and this will form an important part of your decision on how much luggage to take, of course, what to bring back from London is important too, so make sure you have room for shopping!

Stylish walking shoes for London are a must have – there’s a lot of ground to cover, even if you make use of the Underground! What to wear in London in November is very different to what you’re going to wear during the summer months, so always bear this in mind.

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So, if you’re heading to London for a week, this is what you will need:


1 x jeans for day time (women)
1 x jeans for night time (women)
Leggings or thick tights for winter (women)
3 x evening dresses (women)
3 x evening tops (women)
3 x day time tops (women)
1 x jeans for day time (men)
1 x jeans for night time (men)
1 x chinos/cargo pants (men)
Suit for evenings out in upscale places (men)
3 x day time tops (men)
2 x dress shirts for evening time (men)
Night wear

Hue Women’s Blackout Tights


Winter hat, scarf, gloves for winter time
Decorative scarves for outfits (women)
Tie for evenings out in upscale places (men)
Jewellery for dressing up night time outfits


1 x heels for night time (women)
1 x flats for night time (women)
1 x ballet pumps for day time (women)
1 x boots for winter day times (women)
1 x dress shoes for upscale nights out (men)
1 x Converse-style shoes (men)

LifeStride Women’s Parigi Dress Pump


If you are staying in a large hotel, you may find you have a swimming pool at your disposal, albeit indoor.


Sun cream (yes, you still need it in London!)
Moisturiser (those winter days can be harsh)
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Make up
Make up remover
Shower gel
Shaving gel

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Seasonal Variations When Packing for London

London is in England, and England is well known for being changeable in terms of weather. Despite that, there are four fixed season, and these generally give a routine of weather. What to wear in London in March is going to be very different to what to wear in London in August – this is generally the hottest month, whereas March is cooler, and more spring-like. What to wear in London in July is about staying cool but remembering that there is always going to be the risk of a shower, so always carry a lightweight umbrella in your bag, just in case!

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Winter time can be wet and very cold, with the occasional bout of snow possible. What to wear to London during the winter months is about staying warm, so we are talking hat, scarf, gloves, coat, and boots – however, remember to always do this stylishly, because when asking ‘what do people wear in London during those colder months?’, the answer is plenty of layers!

One of the trickiest times to pack for is autumn. What to wear in London in October can be down to an Indian summer, or it can be down to very wet conditions – always check the weather just before you head off, to be sure.

What Not to Wear in London

So, we have covered how to pack for London, and the fact that you are going to be visiting one of the most stylish cities in the world, home of some major fashion houses, so you need to bear this in mind at all times. Having said that, what to pack for England city breaks such as this one has a lot to do with weather and your own personal style. What not to wear is also down to bad taste.

Avoid the following:

Shirtless days
Overly baggy jeans
Tracksuit bottoms and tops worn together
Trainers in high class establishments

These are the only real no-nos, because much of London women’s fashion, and indeed men’s fashion, is about anything goes as long as it looks well put together and you can pass it off as vintage or quirky. Of course, don’t forget a good pair of walking shoes for London adventures, but make sure they tick the style box, rather than the mountain hiking box!

How to Pack for London

So, now having read this article, you are well aware of how to dress when you head to London, and your suitcase should now be armed with plenty of London wardrobe essentials. On top of this however, remember to pack light! This is a city break, and city breaks need capsule wardrobes; there are many shops in London, in fact there are countless shops, and you will want to be doing a spot of retail therapy whilst you’re there. Check out our post on the best suitcases to make sure you have enough room to get it all home!

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On top of this, what shoes to wear in London is a major thing to remember; if you want to see the sights, you need to put in the leg work, and you need your shoes to help you out!

Enjoy your trip!

What to wear in London.

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